5 Seater Hot Tub - New Year week

  • Dimensions: 1.8m x 1.8m x 80cm
  • Required Space: 2 metres
  • Suitability: Adults and Children
  • Extra Week Hire:  £110

5 Seater Hot Tub - New Year week

Price: £299.00

5 Seater Hot Tub - New Year week

Hot Tub Hire Throughout the North West (including Greater Manchester, Merseyside and the Wirral, Lancashire, Cheshire) and West Yorkshire

Our 5 and 8 seater hot tubs add a touch of luxury for that really special party.

Our quality hot tubs are perfect for birthdays old and young, romantic weekends, barbeques, stag and hen parties, anniversaries, Christmas and New Year.

We offer only the very highest quality rigid portable hot tubs which are quick to heat and retain their temperature whilst the powerful hydrotherapy jets are on. Our 5 and 8 seater hot tub is equipped with a true four season heater that keeps your spa hot even on the coldest of winter days. Don’t be fooled by cheaper alternatives – this hot tub is vastly superior to an inflatable or other poor quality imitation.

We are often asked "What's the difference between your tubs and the "budget" tubs that are available for hire?" Budget tubs are the inflatable, spa in a box and Haliburton Spa. The Spa in a box and Haliburton Spa although having rigid sides still work the same way as an inflatable. The air blown into these tubs is at ambient air temperature, in other words if it is zero degrees outside then it is blowing zero degrees into the tub! Because of this with the air blower on the tubs will only remain comfortable for 10-15 minutes. Our 5 and 8 seater hot tubs are solid in construction with very high insulation and have far more powerful pumps and heaters. The much bigger pumps mean that the water is better circulated and stays a lot cleaner. The pump power a number or hydro-therapy jets and each of these jets has air drawn into it through internal pipes to the control panel. This drawn air does not cool the water anything like as much as the budget types, meaning that in winter conditions the hot tub will remain comforably warm for a good 3 hours with the jets on and in summer months the temperature remains warm all day.

Hire any bouncy castle with your hot tub at a discount rate, please enquire at time of booking.

Key Features:

  • Bench Seating for up to 8 adults including a Captains Seat
  • A choice of up to 26 spa jets
  • Digital Control system
  • Turbo air blower systems
  • Tranquil LED lighting
  • Fully automatic heating and pumping systems
  • 50ft square filters for unbeatable filtration
  • Thermally insulated hardcover
  • Energy efficient electronics and environmentally friendly with one of the smallest carbon footprints available

What we provide:

  • Delivery and installation
  • Chemical pack
  • Extension lead with weather proof connections.
  • Full written instructions for your convenience
  • Heavy Duty Gazebo available on request £20 charge applies or £40 to include 4 sides

What we require:

  • Water supply
  • Electric supply
  • Access width of 80cms and height clearance of 2 metres.
  • A level area of 2 metres square.
  • £50 non-refundable deposit.
  • Photo ID and utility bill.
  • Please note that the tub takes up to 24 hours to heat to full temperature