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Here are some frequently asked questions

How long does the hot tub take to heat up?

When filled with cold water the tub takes approximately 24 hours to heat up. Adaptors can be purchased from most hardware stores which can be used to connect your hosepipe to your kitchen hot tap in which case you can then fill with warm water and use it as soon as the tub is full. Under normal water pressure, the tubs take approximately 2 hours to fill. Our installers do not wait for the tub to fill with water but can start the process for you and will go through the tub’s operating instructions which takes approximately 15 minutes.

How much does the hot tub cost to heat up and then use on a daily basis?

The tub will cost approximately £10 in electricity used to heat to the desired temperature and approximately £1.50 per day thereafter.

How are the hot tubs powered?

We plug into a standard 13 amp socket which can be either indoors or outdoors. We have extension leads that are 15 metres in length so we ask that the socket is within this distance from the tub. For security if the hot tub is to be plugged into an internal socket we can connect to an upstairs socket as the window may require to be left slightly open to feed down the extension cable. It is recommended that as few appliances as possible are plugged into the same ring main when the hot tub is being used as the tub is an extra appliance to add to what you would normally use and we want to avoid overloading your circuits. A breaker unit is provided on all hot tub hires but it is better not to overload in the first instance.

Do you offer your hot tubs for sale?

Yes, we replace our hot tubs on average every couple of years so have a fairly constant supply of second-hand ex-rental tubs coming up for sale. We offer substantial savings on buying from new so if you are interested in a purchase just let us know.

How do you access my back garden / patio area?

The hot tubs are rolled into place on their side in a protective cover and we require a minimum of 80 cm width access and just over 2 metres height clearance. The route to where the tub is to be situated should be a fairly straight run with no sharp turns with limited turning space as they are 2 metres (just under 7 feet) wide. The tubs are too heavy to lift over obstacles but we can negotiate up to three steps at a time. We occasionally access via a neighbour as long as we have permission by removing a fence panel and rolling the tub over the concrete base panel. The tubs can be placed at the front of the house or in a garage should there be sufficient space which is 2.2 metres square or 3.2 metres square if a gazebo is required.

What type of surface do the tubs need to be placed on?

The tubs should ideally be placed on a flat solid surface but can go on artificial grass or natural grass for shorter hire periods. They are fine on a slight slope the water will just be slightly deeper one side and shallower on the other but if you can provide levelling slabs of stone or wood we can use these to make a more level area.

Do you provide gazebos?

Heavy duty gazebos can be supplied they are £20 or with all four sides attached £40. You can add a gazebo to your existing hot tub hire nearer the date of delivery if the weather forecast takes a turn for the worse. The gazebos require a larger area than the hot tubs they are 3 metres square.

How often do I need to change the water in the hot tub?

A shower or bath is recommended before using the hot tub to keep the water in good condition. Fake tan and make up should be removed before using the tub. The water should be fine for a week or two if use is limited to family members but after heavy use such as after a party, you may need to change the water. We provide a pump for all hires which enables you to drain the tub in approximately 20 minutes and then the water can be replaced with fresh should this be required.

What happens if something goes wrong with the tub?

We will endeavour to fix the tub on site or if this is not possible replace the tub as soon as possible.

What temperature should I set the tub to run at?

In the winter months, we recommend the highest setting which is 40 degrees centigrade whereas in the summer months 37/38 degrees centigrade should suffice.

If the sun is shining in the daytime the temperature should be lower and similarly if under 12’s are using the tub the temperature should be a couple of degrees lower than for adults.

We recommend that the hot tub is kept at a set temperature via the control panel and cold water is added via your hosepipe to lower the water temperature for under 12’s, daytime etc. Adding cold water directly to the tub is by far the quickest way to regulate the temperature.

Once the cover is put back over the tub when not in use the water will quickly heat up to the temperature set on the control panel.

Does the tub need to be covered?

We offer heavy-duty gazebos for £20 or with all three sides and a door attached for £40. If rain is forecast closer to your hire date you can add a gazebo to your existing order as long as you contact us a day or two before. If privacy is a requirement then the gazebo with three sides and a door is recommended.

Is it complicated to look after the tub once installed?

At delivery, the installers will go through operating instructions with you and leave you with written instructions. Any problems you can always give us a call. However, the tubs are easy to operate and you will just be required to measure and top up the Chlorine and ph levels on a daily basis.

We recommend you keep the tub at a set temperature and use cold water from your hosepipe to adjust the temperature if too warm. With the cover removed the hot tub water temperature will stay constant in mild weather. In freezing conditions, the water will cool gradually. If you are using the hot tub for a longer time period in very cold conditions and the water has cooled simply take a break and replace the cover and within an hour the tub will have heated back up to the original set temperature.


Fantastic service our daughter had the best party with her friends

Jenny Gardner

“We hired the 8 seater hot tub just a few weekends ago and it was absolutely fantastic.

It’s a pretty impressive piece of kit – looks great, incredibly spacious and really easy to use. We thoroughly enjoyed it.
Will absolutely be booking it again later this year. ”
Zoe Humpage

Great hot tub, brilliant service, highly recommended

Andrew Knowles

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